Do you and your team portray the image and values ​​of the company? What is the image you want your customers to perceive?

I develop seminars and training tailored to the needs and priorities of each company, focused on transforming their professional image and empowering them to achieve their personal and professional goals, aligned with the philosophy and values ​​of your company.


This stage has the purpose of helping the executives or the work team to transmit the values ​​of the company through their image, attitude and dress codes. They are guided to be able to communicate to strengthen their skills in that area.


I offer seminars on the importance of leadership and the different leadership styles within companies, helping employees define their leadership style and guiding them with practical and easy-to-implement advice.

Corporate Etiquette

This stage consists in training the work team, which includes the management of interpersonal relationships, how to lead productive work meetings, how to interact with coworkers and etiquette tips.

Motivation and Self Esteem

The purpose of this stage is to stimulate and strengthen the self-esteem of the collaborators, thus achieving the desired results.




I delivery integral consulting to women and men through a study, evaluation and diagnosis.

We will be able to project a stylized figure, selecting clothing according to your body morphology, focusing on your personal color palette, teaching you the best way to put on makeup, highlighting your best facial features, discovering the haircut that favors you; In this way, we can improve and highlight your best attributes.

With men my goal is to give you the necessary tools so that you project an image according to your style and personality. You will discover the colors that bring light and dynamism to your face, the best haircut, colors, textures and accessories that favor you.

Morphological Study

I will teach you how to choose those clothes that highlight your best features and hide your imperfections.

Colorimetry Study

This stage consists of a personalized study of the individual color palette that optimizes and elevates your personal natural beauty, taking into consideration clothing, accessories, makeup and exact shades of hair color.

Personal Shopper

I assist you in purchases based on your taste, style and budget, covering professional needs, routine, holiday seasons or special events (for example weddings, prom, baby showers and others).

Face Topology

We analyze which colors, haircuts, glasses and accessories enhance the natural beauty of your face.

Style Definition

Your style best projects who you are and highlights your qualities, taking into consideration the type of silhouette that your body has.




I help you order, maximize and improve the image of the spaces in your home including your bathrooms, bedrooms, garage, office, kitchen, pantry, laundry room and/or children's room.




This stage consists of making a detailed inspection of your closet and defining which pieces can be saved, altered or discarded. Capsules are created with your clothing for certain occasions or for every day use.


Impact &Influence

"I have been working with Stefania for a couple of years. Her work has benefited me a lot in defining my style, knowing what suits me, and especially what does not suit me. What I now have in my closet is versatile, in the end I learned to spend less and buy better, more intelligently."

"I have been working with Stefania Cesi for several years and the only thing I can say is "I love it," besides that she understands who I am, she takes me out of my comfort zone, makes me look better, always appropriate for who I am and for every occasion and all I can say is that I love working with her."

“You can't imagine what it was like to clean and order my closet, we took out everything I didn't use, we made a list of what I needed according to my lifestyle, and what favors me. Now I see my clothes and I can wear and combine them all. I feel liberated since I don't always feel like I don't have anything to wear or that I don't like what I buy.”

"Stefania helped me understand what self-knowledge is, how to dress my body, what colors favor me and define my style."

"Stefania always goes hand in hand with me when shopping, she makes me feel confident when I do my shopping. I really save a lot by not spending on things that are not for me. I am very happy with her."

"Stefania takes the time to get to know you and your needs, and based on that, she helps you solve your style needs so that you look and feel your best. And not just that, she saves you time and money because she makes the search more efficient.”


Respaldo yexperiencia

I have served and supported some of the most important brands in Honduras, some of whom have continuously supported me and given me great experiences with national and international companies.

Experience &Support

He servido y apoyado a las más importantes marcas de Honduras que me han dan respaldo y grandes experiencias con empresas nacionales e internacionales.